Inspiring Mind and Body Transformations

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Since I started at Ohana a year ago, I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist and 3 inches of my hips and dropped a dress size! Their new program Ignite has everything I’m looking for! A mix of strength training and cardio, it’s quick and effective and I can pair it with other activities that I like to do. The meal plan has a lot of choices and works for even the fussiest of eaters! But the best thing I like about this program is the community. There are so many great women building each other up and the coaches really do care about you and will help you along the way. I recommend Ignite to anyone that is starting out, or someone that is looking to amp up their current program! I’m so glad that I found the Ohana community!!

xoxo Laura Vandenbossche

I’m not one to post progress pics too much but Erin gave me the nudge I needed to share. I’ve lost 20 lbs and several inches in all the right places. I’m happy to say my eating habits have improved greatly too!

xoxo Rachael Zuzga

I joined Ohana in September 2019 and stayed because it’s the community for me! Since joining Ohana I have gained confidence I never thought I could have. I have lost weight but gained so many positive aspects in my life. I have learned how to have a healthy food relationship. I want to break the generations of bad body image us women have and show my daughters the correct ways to live a healthy lifestyle. LBD is more than just a 6 week program, it is a lifestyle and that’s why I love Ohana! Besides just a physical transformation, Ohana provides such an amazing supportive community. I’m so happy I joined LBD many rounds ago and gave myself the gift of health.

xoxo Stephanie Mayack

When I finally couldn’t even look in the mirror at myself anymore, I knew something had to change. I just couldn’t lose the weight I had gained on my own after having kids. I was depressed and going through one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to deal with in my life at the time. I was consumed with taking care of my boys and not sleeping well at all. In short, I was not in a good state. I completely lost myself. Ohana has completely pulled me out of the hole I was hoarding myself in. I joined their LBD program to finally do something about myself and by the end of it, I was in tears. Tears of joy. Just joining that program and being apart of that group, seeing so much positivity everyday, seeing my body change slowly, moving my body everyday FOR ME, women cheering other women on, being there for one another in the losses and the wins- it truly did something amazing for my mental health as well as my physical health. I have lost a total of 15 lbs since joining Ohana a year ago. I am 4’11 so 15lbs on me is and looks like a lot! I am back to the weight I was before I had kids and I’m not stopping. Every instructor is so amazing in their way. There’s not a class I haven’t enjoyed because even if it’s not in your comfort zone or not your thing, the instructors just make the class so hype and so fun that you really do enjoy it! I cannot say enough good things about Ohana, they are the absolute best!

xoxo Lori Lazar

Although my time with Ohana has not been long, EVERYTHING about the community has made me feel welcome and truly like I’ve been family for years! It All started last summer(2021) when I took that FIRST hip hop extreme class/event… I didn’t know ANYTHING or anyone(except Erin a little from hs?) and that was it, I was hooked and immediately knew I needed more of this in my life! I had been following both Erin& Sam on social media for a couple years prior for health and fitness tips/experiences but never felt comfortable enough to take the plunge lol but so happy I did. My Only regret was not joining sooner! I will admit part of me was intimidated thinking that all the members were perfectly fit& the cost with being a stay at home mom(at the time)it was something I definitely had to consider but I was quickly reminded I am enough and worth it and you can’t put a price on feeling good about Yourself ?? So I started small trying out a couple classes… and by October I was completely Ohana obsessed ? The instructors are truly one of a kind and I cannot stress enough how inspirational they are and keep you motivated even on your hardest/darkest days… and believe me when I say I’ve had more than a few!! The women at Ohana have been the biggest blessing especially during the hardest transition of my life. Roller coaster at the very least is how to best describe recent events, including but not limited to three significant deaths(My MIL, then FIL and most recent my Dad ALL to different kinds of cancer…within 3.5year span)….Yet another reason to relate to these two bad ass boss babes aka Erin&Sam❣️ During my Journey of self healing, I was also served divorce papers… which has definitely Felt like I was thrown into the sea ? without a paddle with so many unknowns… And if that didn’t seem like enough on my plate let’s just throw in a major surgery to the mix and have basically a tumor the size of a seven month pregnancy cut out of my stomach… But I was determined to make it to my very first LBD party two days post surgery fresh out of the hospital ??? #LBD21 So, through Ohana I’ve met so many wonderful women some I am blessed to be able to now call my friends, and have helped me in more ways than one and more than you will ever know because the whole community truly cares about your overall well-being not just physically but mentally and emotionally and that is some thing I’ve been missing for years. I went from being scared to trying different classes, to feeling like I found my calling and wanting to get certified in the ‘Turn Up’ community as well, because I love the energy it brings?? #nextgoals So with that being said I want to definitely say thank you to Erin and Sam and all of the instructors and members that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I really don’t know where I would be without this community❣️ #myhappyplace

xoxo Amy Colasanti

Ohana has changed my life! In September 2020 I took a leap and joined LBD17 online. The studio wasn’t open due to pandemic and I didn’t really want to work out in front of people anyway. For Christmas thatt year I had my husband get me a year online membership. Still not wanting to workout with people watching. I continued to do all online classes. Fast forward to September 2021, 4 weeks post-op shoulder surgery, full of excuses why I “couldn’t” workout and all the hard work I had put in the previous year was falling by the wayside. I needed a change. Ohana was running a special for new or returning studio clients for $75 for one month unlimited classes. It was the incentive I needed. I made the purchase. Now to schedule classes. I looked at the schedule, oh that class looks fun, it fits my schedule. Yet something in me was still afraid to book the class. Would people make fun of what I was wearing, or how weak I was? So I didn’t book, that was enough of an excuse for me. But it still didn’t change that I wasn’t working out either. I finally decided that enough was enough and booked my first class. Well that was all the start I needed. I have been booking classes ever since, multiple times a week, and I absolutely LOVE IT! The environment of Ohana is so encouraging and everyone is caring and supportive. All fitness levels are treated equal! Everyone is on their own journey and that is what they preach! Do YOUR best! Throughout my journey with Ohana I have lost 25lbs and 25 inches! I have gained so much strength and confidence and have created a new lifestyle and so many new friendships.

xoxo Michelle Wygocki

After having 2 kids in less than 2 years, I really struggled with my physical body image and confidence. Little Black dress has given me the tools to not only improve physically but mentally as well! From the workouts to the meal plans and all the different workshops, I have grown to practice self care and appreciate this body I was given. I continue to improve everyday and cannot wait to continue to see changes!

xoxo Melissa Lachowicz