Leg day looks a LITTLE different now-a-days. I’m more sweaty and out of breath as well which I guess is a good thing! Leg day always tends to get my heart rate up there so I do take breaks often. I felt GREAT post workout so I had to share!

Warm Up: 10 Minutes on the Stairmaster (I did level 10)

SUPERSET these next moves (aka, do 1 then the other then the other and repeat)

GROUP 1 Moves:

Bench Step Ups: 10 R 10 L

Single Leg Squat on bench (tap butt on bench and stand back up using 1 leg) 10 R 10 L *optional use weight I used 15lb dumbbell at my chest

Ankle band walks 30 seconds tap side to side

Ankle band single leg lift 10 R 10 L

Repeat 3x

GROUP 2 Moves:

Smith machine (assisted squats) sumo squats added 10lbs to each side

Smith machine lunge 10R 10L

Repeat 3x

If you don’t have access to a gym, it’s okay! Use what you have! If you need some extra guidance I can always help. Please feel free to message/comment me with questions!

*Disclaimer: I have been working out my whole pregnancy and before pregnancy. Please talk to your physician before starting any new program. Always listen to your body as well. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t be ashamed to stop!