Prepping like a BOSS for my delivery. Well as much as I can be prepared for something I’ve never done. But I’m trying to at least prep the things I know I can control before baby comes to just relieve some stress that I have leading up to the big day!
Here is my to-do list
  • make sure to wash SOME (I suggest not all because you don’t really know what size baby will be when he/she comes out) of the clothes that you got. I washed a few newborn outfits and a few 0-3 month outfits. Once baby is here then you can wash more.
  • Is the nursery all set? Bedding, decor & all?
  • Pack your diaper bag for baby (I will be sharing what’s in my diaper bag)
  • Pack your hospital bag for momma¬†(I will be sharing what’s in my hospital bag)
  • I went as far as putting my hospital bag & diaper bag in the trunk already
  • sanitize bottles
  • pre-register for delivery (if your hospital allows you to do that)
  • make sure you have a waterproof mattress pad on your mattress, just in case your water breaks while in bed
  • make freezer meals
  • figure out a birth plan or at least what you would realistically like OR NOT want during your labor period at the hospital or wherever you are having baby
  • Call your insurance to add baby to it or see what the process is to get babe to have insurance coverage
  • check to see if insurance covers breast pump. These things get pricey so it’s nice to see if your insurance will cover all or some of the cost of a breast pump you will get in the hospital. Also, I found out that there’s a difference between a hospital grade breast pump and a regular breast pump. My insurance only covers one.
  • Invest in nursing bras (if you plan on breastfeeding)
  • get your carpets cleaned (weird, I know but just think of all the things that could or couldn’t be there especially if you have pets)
  • get car seat installed! You can get it checked by your local fire department or have them install it for you, for FREE!
  • pick a pediatrician, call to see if there is anything they need from you before you bring your baby in for their first check up
  • make an action plan for day of. Do you know the best way to get to the hospital you’re delivering at? Do you know what you do once you arrive?
  • relax as much as possible after everything on your list is done
At this point in time you may feel like you’ve been pregnant forever. But just enjoy these last final moments of freedom before your babe arrives. Your life will then revolve around that little one and your new life adjustment. The last few weeks before you deliver will go a lot more smoothly if you have a plan and try and get as much done as possible. I for one am WAY more calm cool & collected if I have a plan and things marked off my list. Can you agree?
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