Our Story


Meet Samantha Dawson and Erin Saba

When Erin and Sam met, they set out on a mission to change the way the fitness industry was in regards to women. They were ready to help women discover a new approach that had a stronger focus on mental health, confidence and happiness.

Most programs focused solely on what NOT to have anymore. What you had to remove from your diet. What you had to say goodbye to in order to get results.

Deprivation, extreme structure, and lack of enjoyment were things that made us feel restrictive and unhealthy and we did not want our clients to ever feel that way.

So we launched our very own Lifestyle Transformation program called, Little Black Dress. When we launched our first round, we had no idea how big it would grow to be one day. After seeing such great success and so many returning clients after our first round, we knew that we were onto something. We just finished our 21st round and we feel so proud of what this program has become.

Mindset, fitness, & nutrition in one incredible 6 week journey. The opportunity to discover what it feels like to look your best and feel your best.

LBD is not just another fitness program. We whole heartedly believe that it is the very thing that most women need in their lives. If you’re unsure of where to start, if you’ve tried it all with no success or you are in need of support & community, THIS IS IT.