With these workouts, use whatever weight you are comfortable with. I worked out before pregnancy so my weight training has decreased a bit in weights but I still continue to do most of the same moves! As I get further along in my pregnancy I am noticing things are not as easy as they were before. For example, a standing shoulder press doesn’t feel right so now I do them seated or on a stability ball. So just make sure to listen to your body and do what you feel comfortable with. Never be afraid to make modifications! 


4 Sets of each move 10x

WARM UP – Jog in place or go for a walk, just to get your heartrate up

Arm circles, criss cross arms, forward lunges with overhead reach



Seated Shoulder Press (12lbs): 10x

V-Raise-Palms Up (6lbs): 10x

Lateral Raise (6lbs): 10x

RPT 4x

Feel free to do some cardio in between. I jogged around and went 1 lap around the studio in between sets!


90 degree shoulder raise (arms bent at 90 degrees) (12lbs): 10x

Rear Delt Fly (8lbs): 10x

Forward Raise (6lbs): 10x

RPT 4x


*Before starting anything new, please consult with your doctor and get the approval before you jump right in! Again I was very physically fit pre pregnancy so I am comfortable to continue my workouts as well as getting an approval from my doctor.