During my pregnancy I have experienced multiple (too many to even count) times where I have forgotten details, names of people I talk to every day, and events that happened yesterday (including what I wore). This is something I was warned would happen and I kept hearing, “oh don’t worry it’s just a case of baby brain”. What? How is this a thing? Is this child in the womb manipulating my thoughts?! That would just be weird. But I guess that’s not the case but it is a REAL thing.

If you are someone that is experiencing this while pregnant or after baby, you’re not alone. Come to find out, forgetting your husbands name is something that’s totally normal during pregnancy and post pregnancy. I mean maybe it’s not that drastic but you do tend to be extra flaky.

Mom brain or should they call it tired brain? One of the many reasons why you may be experiencing this is due to lack of sleep that you are probably experiencing. Being pregnant or a new mom, finding 7-8 hours of UN-interrupted sleep is truly hard to come by. So your normal brain function may not be at an optimal level due to that. Also, the next one I’ve noticed, I’ll call it “over-worked brain”. It’s an overwhelming time for me as a new mom and honestly the many things on my check list before this babies arrival is constantly on my mind. So when the not-so-important things aren’t on my written out list, I tend to forget a LOT.

In doing some research on this subject I also learned another culprit of the so called “mommy brain” is due to all the hormones that are flowing through your body during your pregnancy. But honestly, I think there are more reasons that go into this including the ones I’ve listed above. I wouldn’t blame it on one specific thing. I honestly believe growing/raising a child is just all around exhausting. There are just so many moving parts and so many things that happen all at once. Your main focus shifts from “what should I wear today” to “how will I keep my child alive today”. I mean, that’s a huge change in thought process.

The best things that I have noted to help with this so called brain fog, is to write out a daily to do list. I have multiple lists a day. One for the house, one for Ohana, one for Beachbody, and you can’t forget an ongoing grocery list with the things that you forgot to get from the store the last time you were there. Whether this be a paper to do list or in your phone, the best thing you can do is make note of everything you have to accomplish. Plus crossing things off that list will help relieve some extra stress when your to do list gets shorter! Don’t ever be afraid to ask your partner for help either. If there’s things on your list that can be delegated, do it! No shame in asking for help!

What do you do to help with your mom brain? Please share and comment! I’m looking for extra guidance because I think I am starting to rub off on those around me (ha!).




PS. the photo attached is from my maternity shoot with Captured by Jamie Leigh <3