The baby shower is over and oh my goodness was it absolutely perfect. My family went over and above to plan a special celebration for my husband and I (and baby S)  and did they ever bring it! The best part was, it was a complete surprise! They planned it all and I didn’t have to lift a finger! THANKFUL is an understatement.

The day was absolutely perfect. We were able to spend it with our family and closest friends and they showered us with so many gifts to prepare us for baby. SO. MANY. GIFTS. I didn’t realize it at the time but as soon as we unloaded the 3+ cars of goods it began to sink in. Wait, where are we going to put all this stuff?! Has anyone else been slightly overwhelmed at the fact that babies are a lot of added “household baggage” I guess you can say? Where do I put everything away at? Is there a right or a wrong space for onsies? Did we get everything we really need for her arrival? Are we sure we need 3 swings scattered all over the house?

As a first timer over here I am trying to take things day by day and get things slowly but surely cleaned up and organized to make room for all of our new supplies for baby. But, am I sure I got this covered? Thank goodness for my bff’s, I have been texting them daily asking questions and advice. Plus after the shower they & my tribe of family helped me sift through things and pick out doubles, unnecessary items and things we should return for different sizing. They already went through it so I look at them as the professionals.

But the days that I’m here alone trying to do little by little to organize, I hope that I’m doing it right. In saying that, is there really a right way to put things away? How did you know as a first time momma what you should be doing? Is there a rulebook I don’t know about? Asking for advice and some recommendations as we creep closer and closer to the baby’s due date! Help a slightly frazzled, somewhat organized new momma out.

Thank you in advance.