Being in the industry that I am in, I am a firm believer that eating healthy makes you feel good and working out makes you feel even better. Having a healthy balance of both has been my life the past few years. Pre-pregnancy I was working out 6-7 days per week, eating clean 80% of the time, and staying as active as possible. Now here I am 18 weeks pregnant and I can honestly say that was probably the best decision I ever had. To take care of me, my health and live a healthy lifestyle.

During my first trimester, I had zero morning sickness, my energy levels weren’t zapped, and I didn’t have many of the symptoms my friends warned me about. I would have occasional nausea but that’s as far as it went. Then the second trimester came about and I heard you would feel better then ever! Sure, I feel a little better than the first trimester but honestly I never felt that bad to begin with. I’ve still been able to keep up with life and everything that’s thrown my way. I am still working out (I cut back of course but still working out at least 3-4x per week), still teaching, still training my clients, and still having the energy to do it all. I literally feel like I’m the most boring pregnant girl ever. I guess I shouldn’t complain because I know that there are so many people who have the complete opposite experiences.

I truly believe that because I was so healthy pre pregnancy that I am still able to keep up and continue doing what I was doing. I’m not having any crazy cravings, I don’t eat poorly (well an occasional trip to Taco Bell and some cheeseburgers, but I swear that’s it), and I am able to work and continue on with my life. I can honestly say that I feel AMAZING being pregnant. I am just feeling blessed to be able to have this experience and I’m embracing every moment and every change that is happening.

A few tips of advice if you are in the process of trying to get pregnant or are currently pregnant.

  • Get healthy NOW. Don’t wait until you find out you’re pregnant to make these life changes. Do it for your child, your mental state and bring your babe up in an environment where mom is strong and takes care of herself.
  • Don’t let the idea of “I’m pregnant I can eat that if I want to” be your thought process. I know, I know, I still allow myself cheats of course just not every day. I know some moms that literally would eat whatever they wanted their whole pregnancy and are regretting that decision now that baby is here and their pre baby body is not.
  • Do listen to the rules of what you should and shouldn’t eat but don’t ever deprive yourself of something just because you don’t want to get fat when you’re pregnant (this is something that I struggled with and I will explain more later). You’re going to gain weight, your body is going to change. EMBRACE IT!
  • Embrace it- embrace that your body is changing and it is for good reason. Your body is changing because you are literally growing a human inside of you. Weird concept, right? It’s no longer just about you. It’s about you, your health and of course the health of your unborn child.
  • Try, try, try, to have a positive mindset. No matter how crappy you’re feeling remember, this is a gift. Not everyone gets this gift in life so you better freaking appreciate it!
  • Be active before and continue your activity after. It will only keep you going and make things easier in the long run! Haven’t you ever heard, if you don’t use it, you lose it? Well I don’t know how true that is but that’s how I feel about working out.

These have been a few of the rules that I’ve been living by and I truly think it’s why I’m having such a positive preggo experience. Sure, I have modified a few things with my workouts and indulged in some treats that I wouldn’t normally, but just because I’m pregnant does NOT mean I’m going to throw my hands up in the air and give up everything I was before I found out. If anything, it will improve my quality of life and of course Baby S’ if I stay on course and shift my mindset to now have a fit and healthy pregnancy.